Ming Chuan University Founders.

Strict Discipline and Diligent Teaching
On the basis of strict discipline and diligent teaching, the university cultivates refined students through transparent management, professional instruction, specialized research, international education, promotion of ethical behavior, and safe campus environment.

Realization of practical and market-oriented education
As higher education makes a vital contribution to the society, Ming Chuan is committed to prepare students to compete globally in their respective professions, encouraging students to put theories into practice.

Stress on both the humanities and technology
The University continually strives for a “High Tech, High Touch Environment”. With the purpose of fully utilizing  available education resources, the university has made considerable progress in providing high-tech teaching facilities, making improvements in teaching quality.

Connecting local community and public interests to international education
By basing our instructional content and methods on the outstanding Chinese educational heritage, while employing western methods in our teaching and research, our faculty and students benefit from strengths of both the East and the West. The university continually improves and expands its community education and public participation efforts.


For more than 60 years, we have been dedicated to giving direction, providing practical advantages and setting examples for our students. Ming Chuan University strives for academic excellence through theory-based education and advancement of practical training, preparing learners with professionalism, a sense of responsibility, high ethical standards, team spirit and broad worldviews to serve the national and international community. Upholding the educational philosophy of providing an educational setting which attends to all students with parental care, support and guidance, Ming Chuan further hopes to achieve its three goals: Excellence, Professionalism and Internationalization.

Goal 1: Excellence
Determined application of strict educational guidance principles to nurture learners with sense of responsibility and team spirit: pursuit of excellent teaching, learning, research and service.

Goal 2: Professionalism
Emphasis on industry-academia collaboration to reinforce theoretical knowledge and practical competence, to focus on professional experience along with academic endeavors to provide multi-faceted education and life-long learning opportunities.

Goal 3: Internationalization
Creation of international learning environment to expand the worldviews of faculty and students, to promote international certifications, and to keep abreast with education around the world


As the Ministry of Education considers the internationalization of higher education as essential assessment criteria, Ming Chuan has an ambitious vision of becoming a world-class university. To achieve this ultimate goal, the university will continue to make progress in the following areas:

Overseas Accreditation
MSCHE: In an effort to enhance its administration efficiency and teaching quality, MCU embarked on the institutional accreditation process with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) in August 2006. Ming Chuan was initially accredited in November 2010, and re-accredited in June 2016, both times with commendation for the quality of its self-study process.

AACSB: To further enhance the quality of its cornerstone disciplines, MCU prompted the School of Management to embark on the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation process in 2013. The School of Management progressed quickly through the AACSB application and confirmation processes, with accreditation granted in July 2017. Reaccreditation was awarded in 2023.

Strengthen the internationalization of education
To reach out with international education, the International College has devoted major efforts to recruit international students and promote the quality of its curriculum, with English as the medium of instruction. In the coming years, each department/graduate school will join the effort to strengthen the internationalization of education.

Further improve the English living environment
The bilingualization of signage was implemented as a contribution to improve the English living environment. Thecampus has been widely internationalized across schools, divisions and departments, including International Village, International Walkway and International Dormitory.

Enhance all faculty members’ competence in English teaching
The university provides four years of English courses to ensure students establish a solid foundation in the universal language. Each faculty member should be able to conduct instruction in English. To better serve international students, administration staff must be able to communicate in English, at least at a basic level.

Provide cross-cultural psychological and adjustment counseling services
With the understanding that the internationalization of education brings the challenge of cross-cultural communication, it is our responsibly to provide international students with cross-cultural adjustment counseling services, creating a friendly campus environment.

Thus, to create a global impact, attainment of overseas accreditation is a key way to affirm the quality of education at MCU. This major breakthrough will position us well to cope with the challenges ahead and establish a landmark on the higher education horizon in Asia.